Hey! I’m Carryn – thanks for stopping by!

I’m a nature-loving, adventure-seeking entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs reach their full business potential

How did I get to where i am?

The saying, “you’ll never know until you try” has never rung so true and is the motto I live by. For over 15 years I’ve been living on the curious side of life, jumping into the deep end, and taking chances with career moves – pushing my limits with a desire to master whatever came my way.

With a background in Financial Management and Industrial Psychology, I found myself drawn to the marketing world. This is where I grew from strength to strength and project management became my forte.

And then it happened. In 2017 I decided to take a sabbatical! But being on “holiday” for an extended period of time didn’t quite work for me. I needed something to work for, a challenge – something to motivate me.

And so, Torn Tackies was born – my travel blog

It started off as a passion project and then the curious and inquisitive side of me came to play! What’s SEO? And how’s Pinterest even a thing? How do bloggers make money? I became more aware of how social media can become your best friend one day, and your worst enemy the next! Using analytics I began to see how my blog’s traffic was increasing and where my audience was coming from. I received e-mails for more information, for more guides and I realized my passion project was making a difference to people.

And now?

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was spending all my free time taking courses, diving deeper into the world of digital marketing and mastering the techniques needed to sucessfully grow a business. And now I want to help you take your passion projects to the next level.

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